The Adventures of Patricia and Annabelle

Book 3 - Peril In Normandy

Patricia, longing to start her new life in Dorset, has to return to her London home, where she finds unwelcome visitors.

Snow falls heavily in Annabelle's village and the gang of friends toboggan and ice skate during a marvellous Christmas with charades, hide and seek, and all the fun of the great house and a Rectory. Patricia prevents a snowball firght turning ugly.

In their holidays they go to Normandy, not knowing that their deadly enemies Welf and Purchase are waiting for them. The escape death by drowning, gas and axe. Patricia is invalided back to her Rectory home. When she recovers, she helps unmask a spy.




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  • The Adventures of Patricia and Annabelle, Book 3 "Peril in Normandy".
    ISBN 1903970865. List Price £6.99.

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