The Adventures of Patricia and Annabelle

Book 2 - The Duel

Patricia has her 11th birthday at the Rectory. She is given wonderful presents and discovers her friend, Annabelle's secret garden. Her happiness turns to terror as a murderous attack is made on Annabelle, who is nearly drowned.

The four friends spend a wonderful afternoon tracking in the woods, but the very next day Patricia starts a horrible term at the school she hates. Her Judo skills keep a gang of bullies at bay, but she is framed for stealing and expelled. With the help of her friends she is triumphantly reinstated by the school governers.

Enter Wilf Welf, who gives childrens rides on his pony, Blackie. Behind his smiling face is a savage man who organises attacks on Susan, and finally kidnaps Annabelle. Will Patricia be able to rescue her?





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  • The Adventures of Patricia and Annabelle, Book 2 "The Duel".
    ISBN 1903970474. List Price £6.99

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