The Adventures of Patricia and Annabelle

Book 1 - The Detective

The Narrator is Patricia Foster, aged 11, known at school as Foxy. Her parents died when she was seven and she is looked after in London by her elderly Nanna. Her Aunt, Dt. Sgt. Sarah Smith is her inspiration as Patricia wants to become a detective.

Patricia goes on a school cruise and meets Annabelle, who she helps to escape from a bully. The two girls become close friends and their adventures start when Patricia unmasks the thief who stole Diana's watch.





Annabelle is the centre of a very happy home. She makes friends both young and old by taking time to think about them and to share with them. She takes as much pleasure in Susan's tennis, Peter's cricket and chess, and Patricia's detective triumphs as in her singing. She sings from the depth of a happy heart. She brings sunshine wherever she goes. She doesn't mind too much that she's is a bit of dunce at school




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  • The Adventures of Patricia and Annabelle, Book 1 "The Detective".
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