Biography of Christopher Orchard

I live near Wimborne, Dorset. I have been married for 36 years, and have three adult children and two grandchildren.

I am in partnership as a full time solicitor. I am a specialist in employment law.

I am a Reader in the Church of England. I have won two county chess championships and now play correspondence chess. I enjoy table tennis, reading and snooker.

I grew up in Hertfordshire, and I went to boarding school in Hemel Hempstead and then Berkshire from 8 to 17 years old. After qualifying as a solicitor, finally I moved to Bournemouth in Dorset to become a partner in Gales Solicitors. I am now a senior partner.

I have written many articles, mainly for church magazines. In 1995 I decided to put in book form the stories that, like many Dads, I used to tell my daughter Rosaleen out of my head when she was little. My first Patricia and Annabelle book "The Detective" was published in 1996 by Avon Books. More than 750 copies of the book were sold. Unfortunately Avon Books went into receivership.

I completed my second Patricia and Annabelle book "The Duel" in 2002. I then signed an agreement with Central Publishing to publish both books. Both books have been selling well, and I am busy working on the third "Patricia and Annabelle book".